Special relief distribution was done among the neediest such as Windows and destitute families at Singtom Village by Rev. Fr. Anthony Sen (Asst. Parish, Thanlon) under the sponsorship of Mrs.Ngoc Nguyen's Family of USA on 10 June, 2020 at 10.p.m at Rev. Fr. Anthony Sen's House .

The relief distribution and beneficiaries selection were fully responsible taken by Local Church Leaders. Selection was done after prompt checking and studying of the financial status of every households in the Village by the Church leaders.

The Church chairman on behalf of the people, In this platform, take his pleasure with utmost joy and respect to thank Mrs. Ngoc Nguyen's family for her generous donation and servicing done to the neediest in the Village and assure the family of our love and prayers.

He also express his special thank and gratitude to Rev. Fr. Anthony Sen for burdening and working to reached the relief in the Village in testing time of Lockdown hardship.

Report :
Tungthang Zou
RVA ZO SERVICE Online Contents Producer.

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