A One day Bible Study and Interaction was conducted by the St.Mary’s Parish in one of their unit churches at San Thome, Tuibuang. It’s the first of its kind in such a grant manner. Over 70 participants came forward for the programme. John Guite, Catechist Dominic Thanglet and Fr.Athanasius animated the one day programme. What was unique about the programme was that both the young and the old came forward in response to the programme. It was conducted in Thado-Kuki language, the language of the majority of the parishioners. Although only for one day, the programme had the following agenda:

  1. To develop a love for the Word of God, to read the Word of God and grow spiritually with the Word of God.
  2. To learn the Word of God through reading and group discussion.
  3. To appreciate the Word of God.
  4. To move to action for the spread of the Word of God in the parish.


The large group felt that they had come closer to the Word of God through the inputs, discussions and the resolutions taken to make the Word of God grow in each individual parishioner. They also resolved to increase the frequency of Bible Sharing within the week so that each parishioner has the chance to read the Word of God in their respective groups and to share it to the group. This and the training for Catechism Teachers were the two significant parish activities during Lent. Fr.Athansius Mung and Parish Pastoral Council are enthusiastic about serious parish activities and to extend it to the furthest village of the parish, Henglep village. This one day programme will be made a three days programme in Henglep village, a village that takes six hours to reach through mountain motor track. In this way St.Mary’s Parish has become model parish as far as animation programmes are concerned. It may be noted that Fr.Athanasius Mung is also Co-ordinator for Radio Veritas Asia Zo which he combines with pastoral ministry.

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