Archdiocese of Imphal hosts ONE DAY ADVOCACY PROGRAMME CUM PANEL DISCUSSION ON STREGTHENING OF COVID-19 VACCINATION A two days advocacy programme on COVID-19 vaccination was held in Imphal, the first on 05 July was hosted by MBC and the second on 06 July was hosted by the Archdiocese of Imphal through the good offices of DSSS. At least on three occasions the state administration has wooed Faith Based Organizations (FBO) to come to the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Church leaders today have a tremendous role to play in widening the awareness on vaccination. The church is now said to be one of the most important platforms to build this awareness and get church members vaccinated at the earliest. The two programmes were myth busters in as much as myths about the vaccine was busted by scientificalloy proving the health benefits of the vaccine injection. The situation is grimmer in the hills partly due to paucity of awareness programmes compared to the plain areas. The programme started at 10.30 AM and lasted till 3.00 PM with an hour of break for lunch. The themes exposed included Overview of COVID-19 pandemic in the state by Dr.Kh.Sasheekumar Mangang, Add. Director, MD, DHS. Then came the Importance of COVID Vaccination by Dr.N,Shyamjai, State Mission Director on Vaccination. The Myths and Facts of COVID-19 Vaccination was handled by Dr.Jubilee Wahengban of State COVID-19 Community Engagement. This made an interesting session with lots of reactions and questions. It was a most interactive session. Flyers were distributed free of cost. In all 40 participants came for the programme and all went back determined to motivate people to take the jab. Archbishop Dominic Lumon in his welcome note stressed that the church along with all the commissions in the diocese stand with the democratically elected state administration to collaborate with whatever resource the diocese has to combat COVIT-19. With Catholic Medical Centre, CMC College of Nursing, Diocesan Social Service Society and the task force being formed the Catholic Church has come in a big to support the state machinery to defeat the pandemic. Among other things he said, he stressed that “we are here to strengthen the state’s effort to vaccinate the people through Faith Based Organization” which the state has invited to collaborate with. “We are also aware of the misinformation that come through various social media platforms. From now we look for a new normalcy” he concluded.

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